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M3Development, LLC understands that whether you are a Fortune 500 Company, hospital, municipality, non-profit organization or real estate entrepreneur, your largest asset is your commercial building. That is why we offer commercial construction services that can design, construct and maintain the integrity of your building for its greatest longevity and value.

A great commercial building project can’t be about the structure alone, at M3Development we concentrate not just on the construction but on our client relationships. We go the extra mile to learn about the nuisances of your industry, company and people. We work with our clients to assure the project meets the goals and needs of their business, not just the building.

Building Your Largest Investment From The Ground Up

As a construction services company, our priority is to provide customized commercial general contractor and commercial construction management solutions for every client. Harnessing the power of the latest construction technology, one of the largest commercial construction equipment-heavy machinery inventories and some of the nation’s most experienced, commercial construction experts, M3Development can meet the needs of any commercial or large-scale project.

Commercial construction projects are challenging and require critical commercial construction management. M3Development is experienced in coordinating tradesmen, subcontractors, and workers to assure that timelines are met reducing the chances for out-of-scope expenses. With our strategic partnerships and careful oversight, we ensure that ALL materials are estimated,sourced and managed to produce the least amount of waste to produce the high-quality finishes of your building desires.

Our Commercial Construction Management Team supports you through all six phases of the construction project.

Our professional construction team encompasses some the most experienced, creative and talented project managers, contract administrators, superintendents, commercial building contractors and tradesmen in the industry. This allows us the expertise to not just design, plan and manage your commercial project but to construct it literally from the ground up. Design build is a great direction for projects with tight budgets. Our professional construction team retains years of experience. We understand the importance of team collaboration and how best to navigate through the process that benefits the projects budget goals. We identify trade professionals that can collaborate productively with their professional skills. Working together as like-minded tradesmen our only goal in mind is our client’s bottom line.

Construction costs for a commercial building are astronomical. And, those costs don’t just stop once the roof is on or the walls are painted. That is why M3Development is proud to be a leader in assisting you to find a creative way to design and construct a building that fits your budget and schedule. All of this while maintaining the original design intent and most importantly meeting, and typically exceeding, your expectations.

Through our years of careful cultivation, we have built relationships with some the leading tradesmen and vendors across a broad range of industries. It is through these relationships, that we have established a reputation for delivering our clients not just a spectacular building but many of the crucial assets to get their business running.

Starting from the first meeting our project managers work with your team to perform a value engineering study. How you operate, what you need, and what methods can be utilized to cost effectively achieve your building goals.

We will discover what your commercial construction needs are, as well as the nuisances and goals of your business for daily operations. We source our relationships to providesolutions that can have your business up and running the day on schedule and at 100%

Varco Pruden is the leading provider of pre-engineered steel building solutions. Known for offering superior steel structural materials that can be combined with any exterior finish, their metal buildings offer energy efficiency, innovative style and years of sustainability. M3Development is an Authorized VP Builder for Varco Pruden Building Systems. As one of the few construction services companies in the nation with this distinguished designation, we are committed to excellence in the construction of pre-engineered steel building solutions. To learn more please visit our Varco Pruden Page.

Your commercial building is a business investment. To keep your investment optimal for its greatest ROI (Return On Investment) you need continued commercial building maintenance.

Whether your building needs are for HVAC, plumbing, electrical or simply to have general contractor services to paint the walls, install fixtures and perform a remodel, the best commercial maintenance is done by a team who know your building. At M3Development, we offer commercial building maintenance solutions that can provide you piece of mind and help you retain your building’s value. No more calling around to find the best and most affordable options, we have the tradesmen and construction expertsin house who can support your needs in one place.

Commercial Maintenance Services include:
  • HVAC Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Remodeling
  • Interior Building Repair
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation
  • Exterior Building Repair
We all know our earth resources are not infinite. Sustainable Construction and Building Materials is becoming a highly requested service for new commercial buildings. M3Development’s design and project teams are focused on keeping wastes down on all our projects. For clients specifically seeking construction solutions using sustainable construction methods, we can work with your architect or offer design ideas from our expert “green” team to make your commercial building a green environment, both inside and out.

Community and city revitalization is a focus for many municipalities and urban developers across the US. While everyone can see the benefits of turning old, derelict and abandoned buildings into new havens for residential and commercial uses, it’s not a task for the everyday commercial general contractor. Older buildings have complicated infra structures and antiquated building systems that require updating to meet current building codes while still protecting their historic architecture integrity.

M3Development offers commercial renovation services that marry design with structure. Harnessing our years of commercial building design and construction, we can offer innovative ideas that can customize your building’s current space to meet the goals of your business and community.

M3Development understands that not all commercial construction companies are alike. Client, team and vendor relationships all play important roles in project success. Ourteam members, tradesmen and vendors are vetted to assure that they not only meet the highest commercial construction industry standards but more importantly, M3Development’s requirements for excellence; to lead with integrity, commitment, and purpose. We commit to exceed all expectations for our clients and their projects in our commercial construction services.

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