An Authorized Varco Pruden™ Builder

“Varco Pruden Buildings is the industry-leading steel building manufacturer with a reputation for quality, value, and innovative solutions”

With over 70 years in the business of providing pre-engineered steel building solutions, Varco Pruden is a leader in the industry. Dedicated to “innovative engineering, advanced technology and superior manufacturing,” they have developed a reputation for excellence and using only the highest-quality materials and contractors.

M3Development, LLC is proud to be one of the very few commercial construction companies in the nation to serve as an Authorized VP Builder for Varco Pruden Building Systems. Meeting their crown standards for pre-engineered construction, we are dedicated to continuing the Varco Pruden tradition of excellence in steel building solutions that are value-engineered for flexibility, strength, competitive pricing and faster builds.

Why Varco Pruden?

Pre-engineered commercial buildings provide clients with a cost-effective, highly customizable and efficient building solutions. Their structures satisfy all client construction needs from office to retail; religious to industrial. M3Development searched thoroughly to find a vendor to partner with, that could meet our own stringent requirements for pre-engineered commercial construction and design. That is why Varco Pruden is the ONLY pre-engineered steel building system we work with.
Varco Pruden offerings include:

  • Daylighting Systems
  • Metal Framing Systems
  • Metal Roof Systems
  • Metal Building Insulation Systems
  • Metal Wall Systems
  • Fast-Track Building Solutions
  • Exterior Building Retrofit Solutions
  • Metal Re-Roof Solutions
  • Conventional Steel Solutions
Varco Pruden Fits Your Commercial Pre-Engineered Building Need

With Varco Pruden’s extensive flexibility in building solutions, it is no wonder they are considered to be THE chosen provider for most industries. Some of the commercial clients that that seek their pre-engineered steel building solutions are:

  • Agriculture
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Churches
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Retail
  • Sporting Arenas
  • Schools
  • Government / Municipalities
  • Manufacturing
  • Office Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Universities
  • Warehouse and Distribution
Varco Pruden Stands Out
Varco Pruden’s construction approach is safety above all else. Incorporating OSHA Compliance, they have adopted several zero-harm construction methods for their products AND, their contractors. Using the construction industry’s latest technology along with their own innovative VP Command® application, VP Authorized Builders, such as M3 Development, are provided with the tools for assuring the best, safest construction outcomes.
One of the most attractive elements of the Varco Building solutions, is its affordability. For commercial clients, finding construction solutions that offer flexibility, style and sustainability, while staying with budget is important. Through Varco Pruden’s Fast Track Program, the construction process is simplified, efficient, and can greatly decrease building time.
Several different aspects make Varco Pruden the chosen provider for pre-engineered building solutions. One of the most attractive of these is their dedication to sustainability and “building green.” Varco Pruden continues to increase their Energy Star® certified products offerings for clients seeking LEED Certification and sustainable construction designs.
Through Varco Pruden’smembership in the BlueScope Buildings, North America familythey actively support several national non-profit organizations.With a foundation of supporting the community through a broad range of services, they have a focus on STEM programming.
Know that you want Varco Pruden for your pre-engineer commercial building but not sure which solution?

As an Authorized Varco Pruden Builder, M3Development’s expert team of pre-engineered construction professionals can provide you with the guidance in choosing the steel building system that meets your unique needs. And, once you have made that choice, we can provide you with the building team to seamlessly construct your Varco Pruden building.

Interested in a Varco Pruden Pre-Engineered Building?
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